Phrases about love, and I don’t Know how to finish this poem

by remembertoexhale

Phrases I am tired of are
“butterflies in my stomach”
why is it necessary to say that when I know for sure
that I did not spend hours trying to catch them in a jar
and swallow them just so that
that they could beat about the hungry walls of my stomach
everyone knows that butterflies are just four hearts
attached at the bottom that are trying to free themselves
and that’s why they beat around so hard
because as soon as the hearts
find their way out of your mouth
they stop beating around the walls of your stomach
and while I’m at it,
as ”deep as the ocean”
is terrible  too
something that is as deep as the ocean is daunting and freezing cold
and has weird fish with fluorescent lights on their crowns
and dammit, my love
is not cold and fluorescent
when  I fall in love
I’ll kiss each vertebrae of your spine
and because my love is not like the ocean,
but more like the core of the earth
where its warm and hot and bubbling over
the spots I kiss will light up
like little lighthouses on your skin
and whenever you feel lost at sea
those lights will lead you home to me