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When I say that I want you

Remember to Exhale

When I say that I want you, please understand that I this doesn’t mean I want your body. It means I want your heart and your soul. I want your happy and your sad and when you just want to be quiet. I even want your road rage and your frustration with crowds. I want your passion and I want it directed at me too. I want your happy. I want to be the crinkles on the sides of your eyes. I want to be the shield to the bad and when you can’t express it I want to be the one that gets to hold you and you forget. When I say that I want you, I mean I want to wear your scent as my perfume and your chest as my personal pillow. When I say that I want you I don’t just mean the good parts. I…

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Don’t read anything more on this blog. It’s so cringey

The questions skipped past my lips and I swallowed them whole leaving me with the lingering feeling that the unquestioned questions were rather like swallowed mints- a darn waste

I really hope that you end up living life and enjoying it, instead of constantly wading through all your past hurts and then dragging them around like noisy coke cans. Everyone gets hurt, but you can choose to move past it. Life can be miserable or wonderful, but that’s all up to you.

I watched him watch me drink a glass of wine from across the room, him stealing looks between banter with the boys, me; at ease small sips and slight side eye. I knew he thought I was “something”; you can see that on a person’s face. Just what though, I don’t know.


My goodness, and in my drunken state he arrived and he looked like salvation

I tumbled into you heart first