A love letter

by remembertoexhale

Dearest love of mine,

It has come to my attention that no matter how deeply I love you for any amount of time, you will never feel the same way. I will not ask questions such as “why” or “what is wrong with me”. I have come to the rather sad conclusion that perhaps you were my “one” but I wasn’t your “one”.

I would like nothing more than to be the comfort in your sadness, the reason you smile, the hand you always reach for, the sweetest kiss you long for day and night. I would like nothing more than for you to be in all of my tomorrows, the safe place in my darkest of nights and the last hand I’ll ever hold.

It is a curious thing that when I am with you I feel as if the whole world is right and I wish it would last forever. Sometimes I can’t look you in the eye because I am afraid you will see how pathetically in love with you I am, and following that I will lose you altogether; of which I am terribly afraid of.

So I have decided to take action of my own and start erasing you from my life. I needn’t explain why, you probably will not notice anyway, but know that I have loved you in secret and if you were Helen of Troy I would’ve started that war for you. With that I bid you goodbye, in the hope that someday I find one that might love me fiercely too.

Yours in love