Lonely for you only

by remembertoexhale

Usually I would be happy or at least semi-happy to “like” your shit on whatever website to help you further your chances in whatever stupid competition you are in but tonight I am jaded and unimpressed and I will not do anything that I do not want to for someone I have had a total of three boring conversations with and all I want is a little fresh air to breathe and a little part of my dreams to come true maybe, a hand to hold or a finger or two but the thing I will not do is pretend I am not in love with you. Baby I am lonely, lonely for you only and I know that the world is bright and better than I can imagine but right now it feels as though all the dark clouds conspired and congregated above my head and so now I’m in black head to toe and I tried to take the edge off by removing my nose ring but the edge shifted lower and settled in my heart and every face I see resembles yours, you’re on every corner, every moment, every street sign, every bus stop and I can’t get rid of the sensation that every place I go to you were just there and just left and I missed you and you didn’t care at all and all I want is you to hold you and to have you