Kisses Goodbye

by remembertoexhale

I would love it if you called, if you skyped, if you texted or showed the hint of actually in fact yes you do miss me, remember me, wish I was there sometimes. You were scared I would forget you, because I usually am okay with having to do that. But the truth is, I will always remember you, and I was just a blip somewhere on your road of escape and excitement. I hope you discover what it is that you want in life, find something that makes you feel alive and hold onto it with everything, but at least leave room for someone to love you, someone with whom you can share the things that hide behind your eyes. You meant more to me than you knew, and even though I may never ever see you again, you at least put the desire to make myself really go after what I want and make it happen. I hope that you don’t toss around too long, because some dreams do expire, and resourcefulness can only on get you so far. I wish all the best for you, and I hope that you fully become the great, successful respected man I see already.
So for my sake, goodbye,
and kisses