Big weekend

by remembertoexhale

This weekend I had the biggest gig of my life, singing as a part of a band at an outdoor theatre. It wasn’t the main stage of the theatre, but it was the real deal. I am still incredibly humbled and in awe that I was able to sing there with those particular people who are first and foremost incredible people, and then amazing musicians. So as a part of singing at that venue, we had a dressing room which I was sharing with like 7 or 8 other men. haaaaa. I had to do my  make-up in front of them. So in between shows on Saturday night I decided that I wanted to explore the backstage. Actually I just wanted to find the main concert hall, and try my luck getting on that stage. I found it within 5 minutes. I’m not even kidding. The stage of legends. The same stage that The Kooks played on last year when I was in the mosh pit screaming at Luke Pritchard “can I sing with you?!”, (needless to say he ignored me) the same stage Gurmit Singh acted on and countless other big names. I pushed through the door that read “downstage” and was shocked to be standing stage left behind the curtains. I was frozen, just waiting to see if “the coast was clear” texting the boys to tell them where I was, when an old man walked through the same door as me and said “oh”. I looked down and acted extremely sheepish, without much effort. as I was expecting to get some kind of tongue lashing or reprimanding. He asked me if I was performing and I said yes and showed him my musician pass and he offered me a tour.  So there I was standing where legends had been. Standing on the very ground of my dreams, not quite realised yet, but allowed on the stage. As a child I always had a sense of destiny on the stage, and this was one of the most surreal experiences yet, because I would be that kid who went exploring into restricted areas and get asked to leave, but this, this was different, because I had a musician pass, I was allowed on stage, offered a tour, getting paid for doing what I love. This was different because my dreams finally feel within reach, and one day, maybe one day I’ll be on that stage and many others like it, and not because of fame, but because I was born with this unrelenting desire to perform and make some art and maybe through that I can touch someone’s heart. All this would have never happened however, if it weren’t for two or three people who took a chance on me and saw me as who I wanted to be and not who I was right then and there. I am infinitely grateful to them.

This ended up being a longer post than expected, but anyway, pictures shortly.