by remembertoexhale

I can’t keep up with the amount of passwords I have to key in to get into about a million different accounts I have an email for facebook and email for blogs and to have an email without the clutter of facebook emails notifying me of things that I already know since I have already keyed in another password to get into facebook and see the same thing, and another email because the other didn’t sound professional enough and I need to sound professional when emailing my curriculum vitae to potential bosses. Today I tried to check my email- the one that still makes me sound like a teenager and I couldn’t get in because apparently I changed my password 36 days ago and the only password I could remember was from 3 years ago, so I had to change my password again and then this time they told me that I had already used that password and I still can’t even tell if that was in fact my last password that got jumbled up with all the others in my mind. Ten years from now could track my entire emotional history and countless  others emotional history by keying in a link to their blog, their feelings laid out on a quotidian platter for all to see, their passwords rendered useless because our whole lives are typed open, riding the airwaves for the world to track. Doesn’t this bother anyone? That I could be having coffee with a book and suddenly my cell phone vibrates telling me that I have received an email or that someone did something on my facebook wall or that someone liked my post on my blog or reblogged something from my other blog. This hardcopy, these intersting thoughts printed on paper in my hands just pushed aside because of a notification on a backlit screen. Why do we have to attend to everything so instantly. I like handwritten letters, only checking my facebook and emails once a day when I get home after actually living. and I hate tumblr, but I am addicted to it. Wireless says that it is not enough and that DATA is always there and this is important because whatsapp must be seen right this second and facebook messenger won’t stop popping those annoying bubbles telling you to reply because after all, you’re always online. Does anyone else struggle with the fact that our lives are becoming increasingly virtual? I keep having to ask myself the same questions I had in my high school physics papers “what is the difference between a virtual image and a real image”. I can’t tell anymore because isn’t everything online just an image we create for ourselves? Then who are we really? And when can I sign out and forget my password again.