Let me Love you

by remembertoexhale

The cities are etched in my spine
the dust of them in the grooves of my footprints
it never quite gets left behind
each one tainted with time
I try to leave it all behind because I know
that the baggage will just end up under eyes
weigh down my shoulders down so hard I find it
impossible to walk forward
instead I keep memories and moments
in bottles and jars in the storage compartment of my heart
locked somewhere in the back
trying hard not to open for fear that it will all fall out
and shatter into a million pieces at my feet
when I told my pillow to file a restraining order on my dreams
I was heartbroken to find that it didn’t mean I would wake up to them
that I had nothing on top of a gaping hole of nothingness
will the room explode in light
the way my heart will
when our lips find each other again
This time I was just
about prepared for
my heart again to be broken again
but I kept it close to the ground this tme
under wraps
in the folds of coat pockets and
other unexpected places
but you dug in and almost got to it with your sweet smiling eyes
and gentle fingers
Kiss my temples
and make the pain go away
I can feel your fingers slide over my collar bones
dipping into the hollows of my clavicle
each tear you drew
a tear of healing
patching up the hole
bit by bit
come find me so I can love you
come and find me so that I can help your hurt
come and find me so that I can love you