by remembertoexhale

I won’t apologise
wanting something more than this is not a disease
to be easily satisfied is a disease
comfort is a disease
I want to live out of a suitcase for longer than the usual
I want to book the cheapest flights 
find bookstores in Milan and Florence and Paris and Vienna
I want to watch good bands and bad bands
and fall in love
travel with love
I want a tiny apartment filled with art
and good coffee
and nothing in the fridge
good books and Industrie magazine and Vogue
I want to to go to Fashion Week in Milan
and wear nothing but thrifted items and hand drawn Chanel on a white t shirt
I want to make money singing
write songs about things that matter
and things that don’t matter
I won’t apologise
I won’t
I want to make something for myself
I want to make something of myself
I want more than this