Skateboards, surf and a staircase summer

by remembertoexhale

And so it began, the endless playlists, listening to music of the past, not quite sure what the music of the future was. the past seemed so outdated, and the future uncertain. All she could think about was Europe. and castles and travelling independently and not seeing him, or seeing him. Then wondering if it was real at all and if she had just imagined his smiling face and his enthusiasm and the tattoo on his rib cage. But she remembered the night well. when she dropped a cider bottle in the road as they all ran in the cool of the summer night. She remembered how they laughed as they made their way for the staircase, the last bit of structure standing on a torn down house. Looking up at the stars, looking down and the kiss, unexpected, the sweetest that had ever been bestowed upon her. She remembered as he led her down so as not to get too left behind the others. She remembered how two days later when they met he told her to take a picture of it and they kissed there once again with a hobo as a witness. She remembered mentioning it to him and and him saying that he thinks that a pusher lived at that house and lets the hobo sleep on his front patio. 
She remembered the heat of the day and how their hands were intertwined even though they were sweaty, it didn’t really matter to them. She remembers the heat of the tar, the walk up the side of the mountain overlooking the bay, how he gave her his slip slops to wear because she couldn’t bear the hot tar. She remembers him telling her how he domesticated a lizard and named him. Yes she remembered him well. She remembers the surf and losing her nose ring and hardly even caring. His smiling eyes, boy fingers, big feet, tall frame, he made her feel slight compared to her usually feeling big and tall. She had to tip toe to kiss him. She also remembered the last day, stopping to watch as they demolished the staircase on her skate back from the beach. She remembered the summer well. A summer of skateboards, surf and a staircase.