by remembertoexhale

So exactly a year ago today I started this blog as a means to let out everything that needed to be let out, and maybe make a little art with words along the way. Sort of a self-medication type of vibe. I quite aptly named it Remember to Exhale, because that’s exactly what I wanted to do. A year ago today I sat outside the Asian Civilisation Museum in the middle of the CBD frustrated with life and where I was, where I wanted to be. That was when saw a man that I had to write about because he seemed like he was trying to find his own escape same as me, with his back turned on the city and his face to the trees. I identified with him and I liked what I came up with, and I liked observing him, so I decided to grow this love I have for writing and turned from scrawling on a sketch pad to typing it online. I still like the tactile sensation of pencil on paper however. 

Certainly I have a long way to go to get really good, but in this last year I have started an ongoing haiku series, and the beginning of a novel (which I may or may not continue) and i even came up with my own tag (heartmurmurs), I have been exposed to many new school poets and spoken word poets and even went to my first poetry slam. So basically, thank you for your support and reading what I write, even if some of it just sounds rubbish, I appreciate every like and every comment and it spurs me on to do better and be better and stop sounding so pathetic and grow up.

much love,
Amy Joy