For the girl with curls and pink lips

by remembertoexhale

Because sometimes the sunrise is better seen by yourself
or because runs seem better when you can breathe in the morning air by yourself
you feel like you can’t rely on someone else for anything
but you still
take what you can get
like a free for all
you eat sparingly at buffets, but
if someone’s handing out love
you’re first in line
you think to yourself  “don’t touch me if you don’t mean it”
but you end up being the one to touch first
the lips aren’t really what you crave
it’s the hug
where body meets body
and hearts spend a little time touching
you’re over clubbing and nights out in pubs
because you’re tired of bad kisses and someone wanting your body
and not your heart
you’re tired of the right men half falling for you
while loving someone else
always taking all of your heart
but not your hand
and you can’t help yourself
but you like it when you’re in public transport and someone
mashes their leg up against yours
or vice versa
because you imagine
that’s what love must taste like
skin on skin and body on body
where you can’t see the ends of yourself
and where the other person begins
don’t touch her if you don’t mean it
because the girl with the pink lips
will fall in love with you when you do mean it