Slide to Unlock

by remembertoexhale

The edges of my desire keep poking at my ribs
reaching for my heart
its only a matter of time until it turns into a bloody mess
I used to think that there was an expiration date taped to my forehead
because people kept leaving me behind
like they weren’t afraid to move onto somewhere or someone
newer and improved
while  you hammer together your plane for taking flight
I hammer down on these keys
remembering everything about you
so that I at least get to keep the bits and bobs
so they won’t flutter away as easily as everyone else seems to.
Time savers and screensavers are games of 
waiting; good when you’re preoccupied or bored
but as soon as there is something you want, you quickly move past it
sometimes I wonder if that is all I’ll ever be
a screensaver for every man I’ll ever love 
slide to unlock me 
I just have to keep remembering that fans always start out on rotate
but there is always the option to pull up the knob
and have it blow directly onto you
I have slit the wrists of my heart
and watched the love drain out
I watched as the rim of blood marked on the porcelain of the bath
and reminded myself time and time again 
that the stains love leaves
can always be bleached out