Dazed and confused

by remembertoexhale

You take what you want
skin and bones
nerve endings that
jump at your touch, tense at your approach
eyelids that flutter 
muscles that steady themselves at your nearing
these footfalls don’t know if they 
are coming or going
I have never been good at distinguishing where a sound comes from;
I look left
and the source appears from behind 
and just like that 
I am thrown off balance,
pretending that I knew where it came from
I try harder each time to decipher so that 
I might have a chance to be more prepared for what may come my way
but it never seems to work 
and I end up further from where I thought I would be
and I wish things would stop being so confusing
the thick smoke from the hookah escapes from between your lips lazily
floating a little long in front of your face 
before floating upwards as it is supposed to
your eyelids half-closed making you look half drugged
and I find it impossible to think of anything else anymore 
because once again you have left me off balance
and wheeling round and round
to see which side you’ve come from
and it just makes me all a bit dizzy
and dazed and confused as where to place my next step