If you Ever Forget to Love Yourself

by remembertoexhale

You are precious
those feet of yours have endured
hockey boots, running shoes and stiletto heels
they have gotten blisters from wearing hi-tops
and high heels
the same feet that walk bare on grass and sun heated hot tar roads
are the ones that lived in ballet shoes for so long
your hands
have been trained to draw details, paint pictures
punch your older brother, hold your body up in a hand stand and massage
the tense shoulders of those in need
your legs have carried you many a time when your mind screamed “stop”
and your arms even though they don’t always co-operate
when you want to do push-ups, they give good strong hugs
and so if you ever forget to love yourself
or want to spit on the face you see in front of the mirror
sweet child, remember
that you are much more than just a face in the mirror