You can Spend it on me

by remembertoexhale

You do not complete me
all my parts are in order
the tissues and ligaments and nerves in my body
were strung together and fastened
by the hands of the Almighty himself
yours were too
and maybe you feel like I am the rib that was taken out of Adam’s side
but he seemed to be fine after the deed was done
and every man after him had the right amount of ribs
did you know
that we are all made out of the same matter as stars?
that we are all star dust?
that we all have the potential set in the molecules we are made up of
to soar above the world
so don’t you dare tell me
that I need you
and you need me
because we were all meant to soar
but I don’t mind soaring and shining
with you
spending the quiet moments with you
the ones where the morning light peeks through the curtains
I’ll race them to kiss your face
and I’ll watch how it kisses the planes
and I’ll love harder on the valleys that it misses
even before you awaken
but loving
doesn’t mean that you are a part of me that’s missing
loving is a luxury
that we all have
and we can spend it on each other if we so desire