Things I would say to my 16-year-old self

by remembertoexhale

I am proud of you
your parents don’t say it nearly enough
in fact they don’t appreciate all your sacrifices nearly enough
but you, after all you have been through
are still keeping up in school,
still showing promise in other areas
and you still seemed to have found the time to
lose all that extra weight you put on
when you couldn’t do what you loved- playing hockey and dancing
I am so sorry that it got traded in for choir
I am so sorry you have to be in an all girls school
but you know what
you’re doing great
if there is anything I can tell you right now is that
yes you will get skinnier
a lot skinnier
but no- that boy
he will not tell you you are beautiful
he doesn’t see how much you are worth
and you deserve better
I wish that you would stop isolating yourself from everyone
I wish that you would make some bad choices
instead of always doing the right thing, what is expected of you
 I know that you think you are wise
but honey
you have just had too many lectures from the parents
drilled into your head
drummed until it has become so much a part of you
that when you make any decision
you think about what kind of person it makes you
what it is going to do to your heart
what kind of road it is going to lead you down and
who you are going to become
and do you want to become that person
and the thing is
you don’t even know who that person is
I wish you would stop being so safe
and do some stupid shit
because we all know you need to blow off some steam
and maybe you might end up battered and bruised
but I no one goes through life unscathed
that’s what plasters and bandages are meant for
people heal
people always heal and become stronger because of it
if you carry on the way you are you’re not going to have any mistakes made
which means no lessons to learn
and lessons are always best learnt first hand