Stupid Poetry

by remembertoexhale

I don’t want to write full length poems about you
because you always make me write shit poetry
and I am good at writing poems about love
when I am writing from
“writer’s empathy”
but when I think about the fact that you made me feel
light-headed when you came so close
the only thing that runs through my mind on repeat is
your lips on my lips and my  body moulded to your side
and stupid declarations of how I want your skin on my skin
forever and ever and how my head does all it can to hold itself up
from resting on your shoulder when you’re next to me
and I can’t afford to write
stupid poetry about someone who won’t even think twice about me
because that will end up in
another stupid ten poems about unrequited love
and the Lord almighty knows I have had way too many experiences with
unrequited love
and many more poems about secret love
and I just can’t afford to do that to myself anymore
because every time I start to write about you
I take out from the love bank inside of me
and I fear that I will spend too much
on you
when at the end of the day
all I get is a preoccupied wave without even a look up or a smile
and here’s another poem to add to my stash of
unrequited love poems