Details In the Fabric

by remembertoexhale

She always wanted to be detailed
to have the corners of her tell different stories that make up the whole of her
She’s wanted the details to be as complex as the weavings of Persian carpets
where only the patient fingers can achieve the large beautiful detailed picture
full of colours and spice and
the same intricacy of instead of a straight strum on a G chord
a pretty pluck of a C#m7
she wanted to be a person
an enduring man took the time to go over the details
but she found herself to be the statement instead
pure fact  in motion
no details to uncover
no hidden scars to kiss
she liked that
she liked that she didn’t have to have her scars kissed
the way her entire generation seemed to need
she thought she was the statement
the sentence with no deviations, no commas, no semicolons
but when careful fingers took the time
to run themselves over the bumps of her heart
they found that they struggled to get in
they tried to find the spaces and nooks and alcoves
in the walls around them
but they found they could not be penetrated quickly
they tried to circle to seven times like the wall of Jericho
and not even the almighty
would let them in
and she realised that
maybe she was more detailed than she originally thought
because she wasn’t sure what lay behind the walls herself