The light of dawn

by remembertoexhale

Last night I waited for the sun to rise
I saw that the clock read 5:37
and kept my eyes peeled on the window for the first signs of light
I watched as the reddish black rectangle of the window
turned a lighter shade of black
the gray black of the windows
the only light in a room of black and angles and
the sound of dripping water
last night I waited patiently for the dawn
I slept three hours
the sounds of traffic never dimmed
cars passing
the occasional siren or shout
by 6:38 the sky had turned  a blue gray
as if the horizon had been lined with fluorescent lights
I watched as the yellow pearl lights in nearby apartments switched off
welcoming the light the sun started to bring
I watched the blue rectangle brighten
as the dripping sounds if the  bathroom were
drowned out in the chattering of the birds
and the increasing traffic noises
last night I had three bad dreams
and some light sleep paralysis
and nothing was more welcoming
than the light of the dawn
which I knew was inevitable