I want to drown in you

by remembertoexhale

I want to drown in you
feel your love wash over my skin
have my lungs fill with your breath
and have you drown in me
we can practice mouth to mouth underwater
so that we can be each other’s survival systems
when the ship starts to sink and
the walls start to cave in
we can still see the sun rays through the water
swim towards them hand in hand
because the source of the rays is much bigger than you and me and
the walls that seem so big right here and now
I want to swim towards that big glorious and
all powerful sun through the underwater debris  
with my hand in yours
and your breath in mine
the sun’s rays will be our road map leading us to it
and where the light seems to cut out
you can put your hand over my heart and 
mine over yours
because the light is already inside of us
and that way
by looking inside for that light 
we can decipher 
and decode the next direction to take 
I want nothing more
than to share the sun’s rays with you
see them take us to the sun
while we drown in each other