Fight in your eyes

by remembertoexhale

I see the tracks the salty
rivers are making down your cheeks
and the ruddy red of your nose
but I can also see
that the fight
that used to coat your eyes like long lasting varnish
the kind you only have to coat once in a lifetime
is wearing off
I see it chipping away at the edges
dulling the endearing brown of your iris’s
I see it in the way that your steps used to
trip over one another because of excitement
now trip over themselves because
your steps forward have become too slow
but maybe if you didn’t take such slow big steps
you wouldn’t have to take breaks mid-stride
and then you wouldn’t trip and fall so easily
it is okay to detour from going straight forward
and hit a little east or west
because we all know that if your lines aren’t completely straight
they still intersect with the straight ones at some points
and then you can follow along them
and get to the end
and please always remember that the end is important
but the end is only a tiny moment
in a journey that lasts your whole life