Write about it

by remembertoexhale

Usually when people say the words
“I will be there”
it means they will show up

Me, being me
taking your fact
I rolled it around in my mind
seeing it as a possibility
and it ended up being fiction

I stand and sing about love
as if I have seen done it all
had it all
but the truth is
all I have is a rapidly growing list of
“Almosts” and
“Never agains”

But one day
instead of someone who
barely hits the mark
there will be someone who
goes the extra mile

Instead of empty promises
I will get someone who
knows without me even saying
someone who can teach me to cry again
when my feelings are hurt

Someone who will treat me like a piece of art
instead of some option on the wayside
an experiment
something that’s nice to taste
but not to hold

and instead of the bitter cups of
cold coffee
he’ll bring a sledge hammer
some poems and some flowers
and he’ll knock down the walls around my  heart