Last Night

by remembertoexhale

Last night I woke four or five times
the rain slapped itself against my windows
body slamming into them with full force
and it worked
because I began to feel
splatters and droplets
falling upon my cheeks
through the tiny gaps where the windows don’t close

And even though the temperature of the aircon was 17 degerees Celsius
I still had my side fan turned on
and my duvet
only half covering my body
twisted between my legs
but somehow managing to reach my chin

Last night I awoke four or five times
to the metallic sound of rain
body slamming itself into my windows
I welcomed the persistent droplets on my face
the ones that found its way through the gaps

Last night each time I woke up
you entered my thoughts
your slight smile
and how accomplished I felt
whenever I made you laugh
your great big belly laugh

Last night
I awoke wishing halfheartedly
that instead of just looking at me
you would take me in with your eyes

I wished halfheartedly
so that the other half of my heart
could be used
to love someone who will