by remembertoexhale

Sleep tries to descend its heaviness onto my eyelids as I stare at the computer screen. It nearly works, they droop and blink at half the speed they usually do, and at a quarter of the speed when I am feigning ignorance. My chin finds itself on the desk top and my fingers slow their typing, so I try to sit up again, hoisting my too-large shoulders into a somewhat upright position. Tycho’s mellow soothing sound does not help the situation one bit, and as hard as I try to keep my eyelids from fluttering shut as tiny dying birds do, my back gets a little too heavy a burden to bare, my shoulders skew and cave downwards to the table like iron filings to a magnet. My chin touches the desktop, my cheek slowly timidly laying itself down on my bicep and I give in, welcoming the sleep lavishing itself onto me.