On never committing ever (I am truly sorry this is terrible I don’t have any flowers for my words tonight)

by remembertoexhale

Can I just never 
commit to anyone ever
I can blame it on the fact that
I might be barren
I can blame it on 
I’m too busy for that shit
I’m a feminist
I can blame it on a 
personality quiz I recently took
that said My “type” gets bored easily
or is a little smothering
can I blame it on
as a child I couldn’t fit into my mother’s wedding gown
can I blame it on
guys eat too much 
and they’ll make me get fat
I’m too busy
or I can blame it on the fact that 
I’ve moved countries
and I never quite know 
where I will be in the future
so it makes planning hard
also, because 
I can always up and leave 
which means I have flexibility
and relationships
are not flexible
and I don’t want to be bored
and unhappy
I can say that maybe I don’t believe in monogamy
I can say that moving makes me
a third culture kid- which means I’ll
never really fully fit it anywhere again
so I can become a maverick
and a traveler
and people like to settle 
Is this acceptable to you?
I mean, sure I can say I am scared
but that’s not a valid reason is it?
I mean, I can say all of this and really mean it
but I am willing to be proven wrong