by remembertoexhale

To be wanted.
to  have someone
who wants to spend every moment in the sunshine
with you
saving moments
putting them in their pockets
to bring out on rainy days
where all you both want
is the storm to pass
and the clouds to stop
crying all over both of you
to have someone
who looks at you and
sees the future
instead of just here and now
and watching the traffic lights and heeding the
orange at every turn
someone who
turns left instead of right
uses a map and highlights the route
in something translucent
and isn’t afraid to detour
taking the slightly longer
but scenic route
who won’t walk away
as soon as they see the worst of you
someone who won’t try to
fill in your gaps with themselves when you fall apart
but will hold your hand while you piece yourself together again
and remind you of who you are
who reminds you to be better
to strive for better
who will stay.