by remembertoexhale

Tonight my mind isn’t right
my thoughts are scattered
like how when you are eating a cookie
and the crumbs fall all over the place
and all you want is to eat the entire cookie
but it keeps getting trodden under the foot that is
highway noises
children screaming
television blaring
the fan
blows all my ideas
in the windy city that is not
Port Elizabeth or Chicago, but in actual fact, my mind,
and all I can think about is gloves
this reoccurring notion of
how we treat people with gloves
padding the truth
making it softer for people to handle
treating people with innocence gloves
muting the blow of the truth
where you know that the slap could have been
should have been much much harder
but you only got a padded version
of a dumbed  down theory
that the grownups will keep to themselves
you get the foreigner gloves
where people
are cautious
never feeling quite themselves around you
or they don’t know how to
be themselves around you
so they ask you superficial questions
you thought you were done answering
they ignore you
and ignoring is maybe better than gloves
because you can observe the truth
but gloves pad the truth
hide fingerprints
they forget to leave impressions
keep them to themselves
like secrets
never even bothering to
let their hands be seen
and gloves
make you have to hold things with two hands
and not one
because it is so much easier
for glass to slip through your fingers
don’t allow you to write things down
they only keep your own hands warm
and pad the way so that your own callouses won’t be formed
conceal the truth
gloves should only be used
during Winter
and not as much as we use them
on the people we love.