Aunt Patty and you

by remembertoexhale

My darling dearest
I am calling you that
because I know that you can’t remember being called
with a term of endearment 
since you were a child
when all arms seemed open to you then
and everyone had love to give
except for aunt Patty
who couldn’t even look at you
because her own children died in her womb
like a once budding rose
where it still had a whole flower to bloom
and then petals start dying 
before the yellow tendrils on the inside of the folds
have even appeared 
and everything she touched turned
bitter and cold
not because she produced death
but because she had begun to believe
that her love only produced death
my darling dearest
I see you holding in your love
trying to keep it safe
but keeping your love stowed in a time capsule
is just that;
and forgotten
and when you finally have to recover it one day
you will have to relearn it
and try and undo its ungrowth
darling dearest
there is nothing wrong 
with fertilizing what was once set in motion 
let it grow
aunt Patty
didn’t let it grow