When you’ve lost your heart by the slip of a finger

by remembertoexhale

I start writing in a word document
because I am afraid that I will pour out my heart
only to have it erased
by the slip of the finger
a nick of a nail
and no,
it is not irrational to want to
make sure the contents of your heart
are not spilled down a drain
because drains hold sewerage
and my mother always told me
that things that come from the heart
are the most important
to do it all from the heart
because it is the most honest
and so now
instead of typing these fleeting words on
the pure white of a word document
I want to own a typewriter
and type out my heart
where the backspace key
is not an option
and the only direction to go is forward
letting my heart spill out upon reams and reams of
textured paper
there to soak up the contents
and keep them safe like a prayer
this fear
of losing the contents of my heart
is not irrational
it has happened before
and I am determined
to save it
from getting lost