Waves and Kisses

by remembertoexhale

I didn’t think that you would ever turn up 
in my writing again
but here I am
writing about you
and not to you this time
I used to love you
and the way that you
put up with my craziness
and my constant badgering.
and we came to an understanding 
and an affection
knowing each other so well
that the ends of my sentences were
completed by you
and yours 
by me
the ends of me feeding into you
and yours into mine
like one huge person
and although nothing ended the way 
either of us thought it would
I see now
that without each other
we became who we were always supposed to be
me, artsy and little bit all over the place
and you with your steady relationship
completely comfortable office job
which I am not sure challenges you at all
but I guess you like your comforts more
and I 
want a wave- no a tsunami
that catches me off-balance and drags me  
from the icy depths all the way to shore 
telling me that the sun can kiss our skin
gives me the moon on my finger
for the whole world to see him with me 
telling me that the roads are ours
to explore
that life
doesn’t end
with me in the kitchen in our high rise apartment
but life only begins once I meet him
and that 
the unknown roads I long to wander along
snapping a thousand pictures 
and making million memories along
can be wandered along together
at top speed with the top down
and on foot
on motorcycles
on bicycles
on skateboards
that the sun
isn’t something that burns us
but kisses our skin so hard
that by the end of our lives it will be well 
weathered and leathered by its constant loving
and you,
you just want sunblock SPF 50, and arm bands
and I
I want a tsunami and a surf board
and all the kisses that the sun has for me