by remembertoexhale

One of those girls
who lives on unsolid ground
where every step she takes 
is as if she is walking on ice
hopping from one spot to the next
not knowing whether the ice will
crumble and crack like the veins in trees beneath her feet
she longed for the solid earth
because often she would 
hop from where she thought was precarious
to an even shakier piece of ice
and would nearly slip through the cracks
and drown in the icy depths
but she began to develop 
a fascination with the way that
pieces of ice would drift away from a larger whole
to a desolate place where the only hues
were blues and grays and whites
a fascination with the way the water like daggers would 
start to knife into her 
as it began to pool around her feet
and she decided that
finding solid ground
was harder than she thought
and further than she thought
because every hop she took
seemed to take her further away from shore
she decided that she liked
to hop skip and jump her way through life
and she resolved that she 
did not really want to find the shore
and wanted to stay on the ice
maybe ice that she knew would not crack
like moody tectonic plates whenever she applied some pressure
but ice all the same.