To all the women who don’t get their period

by remembertoexhale

whoever said that the coming of your period was the sign of true womanhood 
should be shot
and this poem is not to describe the blooming red that appears on your underwear
when you are around twelve to fourteen
this poem is for the women who are told that there is something horribly wrong
when the red doesn’t appear
when all your girlfriends share a camaraderie
when one of them are bent over double with cramps
or when the slightest brush on their breasts causes them to cuss in pain
getting them tea, telling them to sleep it off
this is for you
when you feel like you are not a part of them
this is because it makes you feel like less of a woman
because you don’t suffer as much
you are just as women as them
you are just as beautiful
you are not a man
because you don’t bleed like the others
or when the others do
so hold your head up high
because the person who said you have to suffer for beauty
should also be shot