Light, bones, shadows closets and memories

by remembertoexhale

I used to think that anything could bring two people together. We all have bones and we all have shadows and everyone’s bones and shadows have the same colouring.

When I met you I thought you were all the proof I needed to prove my theory. I believed that people expose their bones and their shadows even when they weren’t looking- only to find that everyone’s is all the same- even if they were a little bit more weathered than the next person, worn down at the knees or cracked at the elbows. I thought this was the epitome of everything I had grown up believing could happen, should happen and would happen.

The problem with people who have strong opinions is that, they always find themselves having to change them. I believed it, perhaps a little too strongly, but I ended up being wrong because both bones and shadows only look the way they do because they live in, and are the absence of light, and what is a world without light? The reason my skin is coloured the way it is is because I am made for the light, and I forgot to remember that while you were nourished by the sun, which would sometimes burn your luminous milky skin. While you were nourished by the sun I got left behind in the shadow. I failed to grow stronger relaxing in your lead.

It came to your curtness catching all my breath in your lungs, my rose coloured vision of you started to yellow at the edges, and the whispers of your caressing brushing off my skin and only my bones showed. Your absence caused your shadow to grow longer and I was left empty handed in its dark.

You seemed an open book- and your closet had no doors- all your clothes out for easy pickings, but I discovered that you had a closet of a different kind, and as time went on a little I was pushed further into the dark onto the edges of the recesses of your mind where you put things you were ashamed of. I was the magic toy. You didn’t want to believe in magic, and were mortified to admit that you did and so you hastily left me on the edges of the shelves in your mind and I became a skeleton without sun. I became a magic toy skeleton in your closet while all your bones were still in tact.