Just before I post a short story..

by remembertoexhale

I sincerely hope that people understand that these writings are not real life and do not reflect exactly the way I think about things. Sometimes its very much what I think or see in a situation, sometimes I write only about a certain aspect of what I believe in it ignoring the logical and rational just because I can. But that doesn’t mean I’m like that in real life and when I go through things in life I may only write the selfish feelings about it on here, but I really see that things were the way they were because some things just aren’t possible. I really hope that whoever reads this understands that, and that I change things about real life situations to bring a point across that I found was underlying that I wanted to bring out, and sometimes I just write to figure something out and I may or may not get there by the end of a piece. I hope that that makes sense.. because I don’t want people thinking that I’m constantly  sad, depressed and hurt because I’m actually a pretty happy person haa.
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