Game of darts

by remembertoexhale

I wonder if people read my blog
to see if their punches landed
to see if they had an effect
well the truth is
I am probably too proud to 
tell anyone that they’ve hurt me
because the fact that someone’s hurt me
is already closer than comfortable
but this heart of stone
is slowly turning to flesh
and the tears
come more often than before
and the warmth is returning to my chest
which also means its harder to take the high road 
I’ve always been good at ignoring and letting people think what they want to
also mainly because I never gave any shits
but now I’m starting to
and caring is allowing yourself to be vulnerable
and that is like putting your heart in the centre of a dart board and waiting 
for someone to start heaving darts at it
so if you’re wondering
the silent punches have landed
the darts you threw so effortlessly
years ago
nearly caused death
the smothering of what you thought was love
nearly stopped my heart from beating entirely
so there you have it
and I hope your game of darts was satisfying.