I am In love with life

by remembertoexhale

There is so much beauty all around us
in the tiny details people fail to see
in how dark the night is
just before the dawn begins
and when it begins
it still looks gray and colourless
but if you wait a little bit longer
crimsons and ambers and yellows and apricots and mauves
start to streak the sky
like God has fun every morning taking up his paintbrush 
and fading splashing and mixing here there everywhere
and again at night time
and in the late afternoon
the sun gives its last punch of golden glow
blinding everyone if they look in the wrong- or right direction
before it sighs its goodbye and lets the moon rise above him
and even though the moon has visible craters in her pearly white skin
the stars still dance around her. 
and this is only the sun and the moon and the stars 
and there is so much more 
if we just bother to notice
how everything  works together
filling the gaps
compensating for their lesser counterparts shortcomings