Forgetting the backspace key

by remembertoexhale

Sometimes I wish I could melt it all down
forget all the concrete and metal
and turn everything into a liquid mixture
turn it into clay
where we could start again
and instead of beating things into shape
heating it so that it stays
soldering it so it can’t move
I want to use my hands
and feel it into being
work it into shape
I want to go back to the rawness of wood
the red and uneven face brick walls
I want to eliminate your shiny synthetic wood
and the plastic cages on the windows
you don’t know how to appreciate the past
without turning it into something different
you think you’re so forward thinking
ahead of everyone else
but you have no idea
how to own a vintage shop
with soul
you make everything white
and you call it minimalism
I go inside
and I feel nothing
I don’t know who these artists are
I can’t feel them
I don’t know their souls even lived
take me somewhere old
take me somewhere fresh
take me somewhere
give me something to hold in my hands
take me somewhere where the paint
peels off the wood
and the lights
are not fluorescent
take me somewhere old
take me somewhere real
and please
stop wearing your damn fur coat
without your knickers
and forget Helvetica for a minute
try using Times New Roman again
or better yet
lets get out the typewriter
and practice the art of
forgetting the backspace key