To the nine men I kissed on Friday night

by remembertoexhale

I am not ashamed of kissing you
I nor do I regret kissing you
maybe I regret kissing numbers three, five
and eight
because you weren’t so great

I am not going to lie and say that 
I was looking for the best kiss
and I really wanted someone to  wrap their arms around me
and trace their fingertips lightly across my clavicles

because I was just looking for some fun
I do not even regret the fact that
number three saw me 
tongue teasing, lip biting numbers
six and nine

You called me a slut number three

I do not remember your name
David or Daniel?
but if a man did the same thing I did,
they would call him a player
and pat him on the back

so then why do I get the word with the negative connotation?