On getting up and chasing the sun when its setting

by remembertoexhale

I know that you that you have the capacity to do it
to follow the direction of the sunset
the way the bottom of the sky 
looks as if its being supernaturally lit by the coppery streetlights
lightening into a pale lackluster blue
I know that when things get too much
you might just
pack your bags
and follow the light
“let be me your everlasting light” sings Dan Auerbrach
and I’m singing them back to you
drawing out the syllables one by one
making sure that they sink in, absorbed into your thick skin
wash over your brain permeating through all its nuances
and help to mend the crimson gnawings of your heart
the question isn’t whether you’re strong enough to let go
of the ties you’ve made and make new ones for yourself
its whether
you will be strong enough
to hold on
because, by now we all know you’re strong enough to be alone
you’ve proved that much
are you strong enough darling?
do you have enough
bone in your back
to keep your chin level 
instead of raising it, to look beyond the rest of us 
Dan says “the dark days are through”
but days do not get dark
only nights do
and that happens at the end of every single day
do you  have enough
to stop chasing the sun
and face the inevitable night
because it will always set
at the end of every day
wherever you go