four lettters- an abstract noun

by remembertoexhale

“We accept the love we think we deserve”
is what I have seen people blog
repeat this their truth
over and over again
eight words
the main takeaway from a book
two hundred and thirteen pages long
four letters. Love. An abstract noun

But I don’t believe that its always true
because some people
are so battered
so rejected
time and time again
that their hearts feel like leftover crumbs
from last nights entrée
the cold unpleasing
appetizer to something delicious and filling
but never the deliciousness themselves
never mind the sweet ever after

And some people,
they feel like all their love
these four letters.
An abstract noun
is accumulating inside of them
and spilling over
where the slightest of touches last a beat too long
and the softest of hugs linger on a little bit

they find little bits of love
in hugs
and cheek kisses
brushed fingers
and rubbed arms
never getting the full kiss with tongue
or if they do, its only for  a night or two

this isn’t because they think they deserve it
but just because they want some of it
that thing they call love
four letters
an abstract noun