Life, money and sidewalks

by remembertoexhale

I wish that sometime I would actually be able to let my guard down without having it come back to bite me in the ass much harder and more damaging than I expected. Just like I always decide to drop that 5 or 10 cent coin on the ground, it will always, without a doubt, come back to say “I told you so”. The other 90% of the time where I put them in those donation boxes, it never comes back to haunt me. So if I base my life decisions on my theories of 10 cent and 5 cent coins I will be none the richer, but at least I will be happy? No wait that’s wrong. I should give freely and expect nothing in return and not place high value on anything so that I can live smoothly? That sounds better, but honestly what if I never place high value on anything my whole life will be flat and uninteresting?

What the hell coin metaphors are way too close to real life, and talking about money, geez, maybe next time I’ll just keep them all because I could do with a few accumulated coins in my purse.