Clammy Hands

by remembertoexhale

Clammy hands for days now
something unusual for you
your chin is upturned, however
which is also a little strange for you.
Well done darling
well done for taking that step
you fought long and hard to get
where you are
opposition from every direction
and your inability to overcome inertia.
Things might have changed
but you were tired of waiting for snow
in a tropical climate
and we all know global warming might not have handled that in your lifetime.
you fought hard to get where you are 
and we both know 
that you are still not completely happy
but damn right you are happier than you used to be
your 500 different shades of blue and feeling alone
overlaying even your brightest of smiles
and I won’t tell you anything stupid like “go and find your wings”
because your wings have been there all along
you just weren’t given an opportunity to use them
well done on taking that step
because if you didn’t do this
you would never be satisfied
knowing you didn’t exhaust your options
dry your clammy hands
keep that chin upturned
this is your time

take flight