All the way to the moon and back

by remembertoexhale

It is said that the amount of energy
a human heart produces a day
is enough to drive a truck 20 miles

I probably should have known
the night that you first kissed me
you kissed me eight times in a row

You wash your body like you hate it
scratching at your surfaces

you tell me you feel new when you come out the shower
like a new born baby
only, your gasps are not ones of joy
and your screams
are from your night terrors

I must apologise
for stroking your back
64 times
taking little breaks after each eight
and telling you that I love you eight times in a row each time

I knew that it wouldn’t get through to you otherwise
but next time I’ll tell you nine times
and the time after that ten times
and the time after that thirteen times
just so that it sinks in a little more past your sinking in point

and when you cant leave the room because you’re stuck tapping the door
on the way out in groups of eight
I’ll guide you back to the wardrobe
and we can start over from there

and I know that your heart feels weak sometimes from all the counting in eights
but the number you should really remember
is 20
because by the end of our lives
the accumulation of the 20 miles my heart has powered trucks  each day
they will have driven
all the way to the moon and back for you.