Another Stupid Poem About Love (or you)

by remembertoexhale

I used to almost never write about love
unless it was a mother or father’s love for their child
because I thought it was inappropriate
and cheating
and maybe it is cheating
because almost anything you write about love you know that
it resonates with someone else out there
but then I met you
and every stupid cliché I had ever heard
resonated with the very fiber of my being
and I hated it
I hated the way it made me all gooey and soft
and let me tell you
I don’t like  when you tell me that I look beautiful
when I feel like death because my uterus is killing itself
and all I want to eat are chocolates and cookies
I’ll have you know
and I don’t like the way that you always pay the bill
I have broad shoulders for a reason
I can carry my own bags
and shoulder my own burdens without your help
or how I feel like I don’t want to shoulder them on my own when you’re around
or the way that you tell me that I look beautiful
but I love it
when you text me in the morning
instead of late at night
and I love it
when you lend me your jacket
or let me wear your shirt
and all I can smell are traces of you
And I know that I’m a little compulsive in the way that I spread
a thin even layer of margarine on my slightly golden brown toast
or how I like the nutella
to reach all four corners of my slice of bread
but you never complained when I spread my love to all of your corners
and I would do it again
a thousand million times over
because there is nothing quite like the way
that my head fits into your chest
the way that your arms wrap around me
and I swear
that my hand was designed, God especially noting the fact
that it should fit perfectly into yours.