Crimson Gnawings

by remembertoexhale

I know that sometimes you let your tears
fill your body like a salty ocean on the inside
coming in tidal waves
and I know you find it hard to
go with their flow
and I know that  you feel 
like all that’s left of that organ in your chest
are lost crimson gnawings of a broken heart
and I know that sometimes- most times
you feel like you caused the gnawings yourself
so much so that you feel like it has
turned your entire body into a shadow
but what if I am a shadow too
and the shadow of my heart marries yours
I know that the crater where your heart lays
feels like a valley of corpses
a place where death thrives
but I know that that is only a small part of your landscape of yesterday
and that where there is death
there was life yesterday
and today, maybe we can plant seeds in between the ribs of your fallen soldiers
and nurture the life it brings tomorrow