The Wedding Dress

by remembertoexhale

You weren’t like other little girls
when you were ten years old
you couldn’t even fit into your mother’s wedding dress

I used to think that you couldn’t commit
because you lived in a limbo from the time you were fourteen
where one place was home
the other
a waiting period until you could get back home

but soon after 
you discovered
that you wouldn’t want to return to your hometown 
if ever given the chance

you blamed your commitment issues 
on the fact that you could leave at any time
you even tried to convince yourself once
that you could do it
live in the moment and love without end

but I remember that you cut it off before anything even began

I remember as a little girl you loved to make new friends
but as soon as one started to link arms with you
you shyed away
I remember you only liked to play kissing catches
with the boys who already had girls to kiss

I remember 
that you were the little girl who couldn’t fit into her mother’s wedding dress