Vitamin Water

by remembertoexhale

She liked Vitamin Water

and not for the reasons most people thought

not because of the minimalist black and white

helvetica font saying things like

“drink me” or “triple x. Get your mind out of the gutter”

not because she was a pretentious indie girl

but because the triple x acai berry flavoured water

tasted like a diluted version of her childhood

every time she takes a sip

7 years old again

she hears the ice cream man ringing his bell down

the quiet suburban road

she remembers

gathering all the change off her wooden windowsill

sprinting barefoot down the road

the sound of the tinkling bell

drawing ever near

and she pays for her prize

a brown clown on the front

and inside

red, orange and pink ice lolly

with the top dipped in chocolate

her standard purchase

of 50 cents

almost all in copper 5 cent coins

the blue crane proudly resting on its surface

she hands it to the smiling man

and she starts the adventure of chocolate

orange and berries

the icy juice dripping down her arms

as she skips her way home

every time she takes a sip

she tastes a diluted version of her childhood