Quite Frankly, for my Future Daughter

by remembertoexhale

To my future daughter

I don’t believe in people 
“completing” each other
I believe that they can help tie up loose ends
or push people to fix themselves
and help people fix themselves.
stand by
while they piece themselves together
quite frankly, completing someone
is as screwed up as fairytales are
and I think
one day I am going to read 
you the Grimms version of them 
because then you will believe
that you can be the hero
and you don’t need someone to save you
Darling, that doesnt mean that you can’t fall apart
but rather, there will be times when you will
but you are made of strength and steel and sweetness
and you can also piece yourself together again
and there will be days 
when you hate 
every atom of your body
and you might even want 
to disappear
but I want you to remember
that every single atom of your body
is made out of star dust
and every one you touch
and everyone you meet
gets a little sprinkling of it when they near you
and even though things might get tough
I want you to think of all the other times you thought
“I can’t make it through this”
and you’ll chuckle 
because look where you are now
baby, you were made to burn bright
and each and every day
the platinum hue around you
brightens a little bit more