Cause of death: Cupid’s Arrow

by remembertoexhale

David, from the bible was ambidextrous
I’m sure when engaged in combat
in the many wars he fought
killing would have been an easy feat
especially with a bow and arrow
he could probably switch sides extremely quickly.
You should have been ambidextrous
with the way you caused
such quick and sudden death to my heart
or maybe that was Cupid
helping you out
He is probably ambidextrous.
I always want to fall asleep quickly
so that my dreams will turn to something sweeter
than the remembrance of your touch
and the way your skin felt on my skin.
One day I asked you why you carry a daily planner around with you
if you don’t even write any plans in it
and you told me that you don’t make plans for events
but when the day is over
you write about  the day as if they were days to look forward to
I like to practice things
even when I don’t feel like doing them
so that I’ll eventually get good at them
without even having to try
I practiced you
like I would practice drawing or dancing
or running
turns out
the only thing I was good at without trying
was running
and you didn’t like practice
I still wonder if you wrote in your planner about the day
that you called up Cupid to give you techniques
on becoming ambidextrous
or the day
without even trying or practicing
you shot an arrow through the centre of my heart